Nicola Coombe

We welcome you. We embrace the universal truth – the One Spirit – that lies at the heart of all spiritual traditions.

We focus on what can be shared, not on what sets religions and creeds apart. We seek to accept difference. We are not creating a new religion or a new church: what we seek goes deeper than religions. This is the Interfaith approach and we have no reason to draw you away from your own faith or consciousness of your own spirit. Our focus is on removing, within ourselves, the obstacles to unity. If you wish to enquire more deeply into your own spirituality and your place in what makes us all human, we will support and guide you.

Nicola Coombe, Focaliser. Head of One Spirit Interfaith Foundation


Our Training

Tend to your spiritual life by joining our cutting edge training programme which offers a richly supported experience of community and a creative, holistic curriculum.

Find a Minister

Our ordained Interfaith Ministers and Spiritual Counsellors serve in a variety of ways depending on the interests of the individual. Ministers are encouraged and supported to create their own path.

Our Alumni

This is the One Spirit Interfaith Foundation spiritual community that provides the ground from which we minister in service, and to which we return for support.


Our Events Listing brings together forthcoming activities including short courses, retreats, worship services, and introductory events that are open to ministers and the public.