Each seminary teaching group is accompanied over two years by a team of volunteer mentors. Each mentor is an experienced minister who is available to support the student minister on his or her journey of discovery. Click the names to read more from each mentor’s profile:

Second Year Mentor Group:

Clayton-StephenStephen Clayton
My soul seems happiest when I’m dancing or writing, open hearted and alive.  I was a hospital social worker in my twenties and then moved on to lead more strategic transformations of care and support for older people, people living with dementia and people with learning disabilities.  My spiritual life insistently came to the fore in my early 30s and from the rich blessings of practising in Buddhist and Quaker contexts I have found my way to One Spirit, which feels like home.  I was ordained in 2014 and find myself coming to this new beginning with a deeper appreciation of the old.  I have recently moved back to my home town of Stalybridge that sits between the diamond grit of Manchester and the deep green folds of the Pennines – all somehow in my DNA.  I find myself reflecting often on the saying “A man travels the world over in search of what he needs and returns home to find it”.

Hague-RhiannonRhiannon Hague
I was ordained in July 2014. Deeply influenced by Vedic philosophy through my training as a yoga teacher and the wisdom of the shamans and healers I have worked with, I believe that there is one truth at the heart of all that is and we learn and grow by learning about each other’s diverse ways towards this truth. I love creating sacred spaces for and with other people. In 2005 I joined a newly established intentional community in Devon where I still live with my husband and son. Group dynamics and communication between people are my main focus. I am a singer and am passionate about enabling people to use their voices fully. I am exploring sound as a way with prayer and healing. I am also an artist and specialise in brightly coloured textile works.

Greenwood-ChloeChloe Greenwood
I have a desire to be of service, and this led me to train as a doctor in 1986. I wanted to embody and ground my spirituality by working for social justice and social inclusion and so I volunteered in hospitals around the world for a year before working as a GP and then further training in psychiatry.  I am very interested in personal development, increasing self awareness, authenticity and integrity and understanding human relationships and group dynamics. My desire to deepen my own spirituality led me to One Spirit and I was ordained in August 2013.  I play the violin, guitar, love singing and lead Taize singing groups, and meditative sacred dance. I founded the first Threshold Choir in the UK. I live in Morayshire, Scotland.

Wilson-AlexandraAlexandra Wilson
I live on Anglesey with my aged Labrador Nero and work between North Wales and London; although I most often lead funerals, any form of sacred ceremony really lights my fire. Ordained in 2013 I am a pilgrim, a poet and intuitive clairvoyant; I trained as a yoga and meditation teacher, ancestral healer and Reiki master in my 20s at the same time as pursuing an academic and professional career in public and third sector management. My experiences working with youth and communities and fostering young people leaving the care system led me to recently establish a social enterprise that offers adolescent rites of passage and vision quests.  I was raised in a non-religious, spiritually liberal environment and was a seeker from an early age; my personal faith path touched on every religion – each one inspired but never satisfied me – until I came to One Spirit. Being in Nature is an essential part of my life, as is spending time exploring the sacred sites and wild landscapes of North Wales.

Wood-IanIan Wood
I was ordained in 2014 and I am proud to be a One Spirit Interfaith Minister. My spiritual path became a lot clearer in 2008 when I started meditating regularly, I feel a strong connection to source, experiencing life as a beautiful blessing. Historically I have run community pubs that were in effect mini art centres. Amongst many things I am a yoga teacher and an organiser of the ‘Santosa Yoga & Bhakti Camp’. Namaste, I bow to the divine in you.