Trustees and staff

Management and Administration

Alan Briscoe – Operations Manager
Rev Nicola Coombe – Focaliser and Head of the One Spirit Interfaith Foundation
Rev Lindsay Jarrett – Foundation Administrator
Rev Jackie Amos Wilkinson – Faculty Lead
Rev Danielle Wilson – Finance Officer

Publications and Media

Rev Sarah Flynn
Rev Rob MacLachlan


John Capper – Treasurer
Rev Christopher Corps
Rev Joy Gleeson – Chair
Rev Cathy Slow
Rev Jan Storey

Company Secretary

Kirsty Semple

Seminary Teaching Faculty

The faculty are listed here.

Foundation Elders

Our Elders are those whose work is notably grounded, wise, inspired and service-oriented and who, in this way, represent One Spirit’s presence. Some  have agreed to make themselves available to hold a prayerful and supportive presence for those in leadership roles, and may be available for consultation or specific work  for One Spirit at the request of trustees or staff.

Rev Fay Barratt
Rev Diane Berke – Director of One Spirit Interfaith Seminary, New York
Rev Peter Dewey
Dr Robert Holden


Rev Miranda Macpherson